Warzone Memory Error 19-181: How To Fix Call of Duty: Warzone Memory Error, And What Is It?

Warzone Memory Error 19-181 is another in a list of memory errors that are affecting Call of Duty players. Unlike error 0-1766 and 19-1788, this has yet to be acknowledge by Activision as a known error. As frustrating as this may be, all hope is not yet lost.

The good news is that memory errors often have some overlap in terms of causes and solutions. So as ever, we are here to offer some advice that may help you to overcome yet another of the bugs that mar your Warzone experience.

How to fix Warzone Memory Error 19-181

This particular memory error seems to hit gamers after they've been playing the game for a few hours. This can be particularly frustrating if you were at the climax of a fiercely fought battle. So what can you do to try to fix this? Given that Activision are yet to acknowledge this specific error, they don't have any recommended fixes. But here are some suggestions that seem to have worked for other players:

  • For memory error 0-1766, disabling HDR can help to reduce occurrences. Given that 19-181 is also a memory error, this may be worth trying.
  • Other players have found that doing a disk cleanup on their system has been beneficial. This involves removing all caches, temporary files, and Direct X cache files. You can keep your downloads, or other files that you use. Once you've completed the cleanup, change your virtual memory back to to system managed on your main drive (usually C:). Then restart your device.
  • If this is unsuccessful, consider tweaking your graphics settings. Users have reported that switching to low graphics and high frame rate has helped with this issue.
  • And finally, given that the error seems to crop up after a couple of hours of playing, you might even want to consider just taking a break before you hit the two hour mark. Log off, log back in, and this might be enough to prevent memory error 19-181 from arising.
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Until Activision recognise this error and provide a software update to fix it, these are the best fixes available at the moment. But you can contact Activision to report this bug here. If enough people raise this as an issue, it may get their attention.

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What exactly is COD: Warzone Memory Error 19-181?

For those of you who are interested in what exactly this error is, this is the section for you. Memory error 19-181 has become much more prevalent since the release of the Season 4 update in mid-July. So the inference is clear, that something in that update is responsible for the error.

As we said above, it has not yet been confirmed as known issue, so we don't have specifics over what the cause is, or whether a solution is being worked upon. It is though, a fairly common thread in COD games, that an update leads to a chain of errors that then need to be patched at a later date.

Most likely is that a programming error is behind the problem, but we just can't say for sure at this time. Given the complexity of these games, errors are, unfortunately, almost inevitable. The real test is how quickly the developers can fix them.

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