Warzone Keeps Restarting Fix: Why Does Warzone Keep Force Closing On Xbox?

Call of Duty:Warzone is a game that receives regular updates, in an effort to resolve the many glitches that plague it. Sometimes, however, the updates cause as many issues as they resolve. In this instance, a mid-season update appears to have caused Warzone to constantly force close on Xbox. This, for many players, is worse than the situation they were in before the update. So is there anything you can do about it? Here's everything we know about a Warzone keeps restarting fix.

How To Fix Warzone Constantly Restarting

It's important to note that there is no guaranteed fix at this stage. This error seems to be closely linked to the latest update patch. As such, it's very unlikely that the issue is being caused by your console. Still, there's nothing to lose from running through a few different steps, just in case.

  • Start by restarting your console, and relaunching Warzone. We'd recommend unplugging your console and elaving it off for a few minutes, to ensure you have cleared the cache.
  • Make sure your internet conenction is working properly. Test another device, or another game on your Xbox. If you are on WiFi, you might consider switching to a wired connection for greater stability.
  • There are some suggestions that uninstalling then reinstalling the game may be worth trying. But others are saying that it makes no difference. As always, it's your call. If you can't play the game at this point, you possibly don't have anything to lose by trying it. Just don't be surprised if it doesn't work.

If none of these fixes the issue, then your last, and possibly only, option is to wait for another update to be pushed through to try to fix this. But do we know anything else about this issue, and what's causing it?

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Why Does Warzone Keep Force Closing On Xbox?

As we suggested at the start, there's a very strong suspicion that this issue arose after the latest game patch was released. Unfortunately, as per the law of unintended consequences, sometimes patches that fix one issue make another issue appear that's actually even worse. And that's what seems to have happened here.

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Raven Software has issued a statement to acknowledge the ongoing issues, with work ongoing for a solution to this, and other issues. It's worth keeping an eye on the offical @RavenSoftware Twitter feed to get updates on the situation.

Unfortunately, this currently looks like one issue that isn't going to go away without a patch from the developers. So keep checking for software updates. And if one becomes available, we'd recommend downloading and installing it as soon as you can. We just don't know how long we're going to have to wait.

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