Warzone Corrupted Loadout Data: How To Fix The Warzone Error

While Call of Duty continues to go from strength to strength in terms of sales and player numbers, the Warzone corrupted loadout data is a significant fly in the soup. And as a new error, it seems to be affecting an increasing number of players.

No game likes to be remembered for all its bugs. But a game as popular as Warzone, which gets updated so regularly, is always likely to struggle to be completely bug-free. But if this particular issue hits, what can you do? We'll let you know, and we'll explain a little bit more about the bug itself.

How To Fix the Warzone Corrupted Loadout Data Error

The corrupted loadout data error on Warzone came out of nowhere. To their credit, the developers publicly acknowledged that they were investigating the issue on April 9th. And just a few hours later they tweeted again:

Hopefully, for the majority of players, the update will be the end to your woes. So if you haven't already done so, make sure you download and install the most recent update for the game. Once you've done this, relaunching the game will hopefully work without further issues.

But just in case this doesn't work, there are a couple of other potential workarounds.

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Remove Damascus Camo

While this may seem a little peculiar, players have reported that removing this skin from their guns seems to resolve the issue. Obviously, if these are your preferred tool of death, that's not ideal. But for most people, there will be an adequate alternative that allows you to access the game.

Damascus is an extremely rare skin, which can only be acquired by unlocking the Platinum camouflage for every single gun. So it may not be applicable to everyone.

Removing a few other weapons has also been found to be effective. These are the MWKar98k, the Grau, the Vargo and the Armaguerra 43.

Warzone Corrupted Loadout Data
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Scan and Repair Game Files

It's possible that the update didn't install correctly. If this is behind the issue, try using the Scan and Repair option on Battle.net, to search for any incomplete or corrupted files. Once this process has finished, try loading the game again.

If All Else Fails, Try Reinstalling

While we try to avoid this wherever possible, sometimes, it's the only option left. And if none of the above has worked, then it may be worth uninstalling and then reinstalling the game, to try to install all the files afresh.

What Is the Warzone Corrupted Loadout Data?

This particular error seems to have first emerged alongside the Season 2 Reloaded Patch, which landed on March 23rd. When players start the game, they enter a pregame lobby. And then, after a time, they get kicked out. This is accompanied by the message, "disconnected due to corrupted loadout data". There's very little by way of an explanation, and even less information about how players can fix it.

While we can't say for certain that the loadout data error is linked to the Season 2 patch (correlation doesn't always equal causation) the timing is certainly striking. Raven Software hasn't explained what was behind the issue, so we may never know.

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Interestingly, the error cropped up again at the tail-end of April, with Raven Software again investigating - and resolving - the issue. This happened to be the same day as Warzone Season 3 landed. This strongly suggests that there is something in the coding that is triggering this issue.

Happily, though, the developers believe the patch they pushed through has resolved the issue on both occasions. So at least that's good news. It might suggest that this is an error that is going to keep coming back with every game update. So do be aware that you may face this issue again in the future.

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