These Marvel heroes need their own VR games

The world of Marvel games is an interesting one. On the one hand you’ve got stellar titles like 2018’s Spider-Man, an exceptional showcase of how well Spidey translates to video games. On the other, you’ve got Marvel's Avengers – an action-role playing brawler that takes advantage of Marvel branding without really adding anything to it.  Inbetween though? There's definitely room for more VR games.

In the rare occasions Marvel has dabbled in VR tech, the cinematic universe has translated incredibly well. Last year’s Iron Man VR, while limited in scope, allowed players to don the iron suit across several scenarios. Compared to the movie tie-in games of old, this VR outing provides a unique feeling of immersion by facilitating the ultimate power fantasy. 

Marvel Powers VR goes one step beyond Iron Man and allows players to control an entire roster of super heroes. You could zip around as Spider-Man, smash through enemies with the Hulk and even don Wolverine’s adamantium blades. Marvel Powers VR wasn’t perfect, but it was an enjoyable experience in the short time before repetition set in. 

With such a rich history to pull from, there really should be more VR experiences tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. VR is a gaming experience like no other, pulling gamers into worlds with depth and tangibility. Therefore, it’s the perfect platform for super hero games. With that in mind, here are some Marvel heroes we believe deserve their own VR games. 

Spider-Man VR

Marvels Spider Man
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Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way. Everyone wants to be Spider-Man. Anyone who says they don't is lying and shouldn’t be trusted. The ability to fly has been on humanity’s greatest shared conquests. Spider-Man’s ability to web swing already translates incredibly well to gaming, as we’ve seen in Spider-Man games on the PS2, PS3 and PS4. We’re willing to bet it would translate pretty will into VR as well, with a few caveats of course. 

The biggest caveat would obviously be how much optimisation Spider-Man would need to make the game comfortable to play. VR can be an intense experience and zipping about as Spidey at breakneck speeds would likely prove a tough experience for just about anyone - apart from those very lucky people who don’t experience motion sickness of course. 

There are some examples of Spidey VR games out there. For both Spider-Man Homecoming and Far From Home, short marketing games were released for VR games. The latter even let you web-swing around New York. Unfortunately, they're barebones, but they prove that a true Spidey game could be phenomenal.

With the right gameplay balances, a fun combat system and a solid movement system, Spider-Man VR could just be the game of our dreams. 


VR Hawkeye Marvel
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Okay, okay. Just hear us out. Hawkeye may not be as instantly interesting as Spider-Man, but he holds one major piece of equipment that makes him perfect for VR. We’re of course talking about his bow and arrow. Quote the skilled marksman, Hawkeye’s bow would make for the perfect ranged VR experience.

Characters in Skyrim VR have an impressive arsenal of weapons to choose from, by one of the funnest by far is the bow and arrow. The physical act of loading a bow, aiming it and letting the arrow go is incredibly immersive. Translating this into a Hawkeye game would provide players the perfect opportunity to step into the role of one of Avenger’s less vital members - we’re just joking, Hawkeye is alright really. 


VR Wolverine Marvel
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Another one that feels incredibly obvious. Wolverine is by far one of the coolest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Effortlessly charismatic and effective in fights, experiencing the Marvel universe through Wolverine’s POV would be an utter delight. 

Let’s not forget his adamantium claws. An action-adventure brawler game focused on Wolverine in VR would be an absolute blast to play. If you’ve ever had the chance to play something like Gorn in VR - which focuses heavily on brawling combat - you’ll get a rough idea of how combat might work in a Wolverine VR game. 

To truly make the most of those sharp claws, the game would absolutely need to be an 18+ game. That’s not something Marvel would likely consider, so it would likely be a gore-free experience - boo. 


VR Punisher Marvel
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This is likely going to be another 18+ game, as no one wants to run around as a child-friendly version of the Punisher. If the cancelled TV show was anything to go by, Punisher VR would feature slick action sequences, lots of weapons and probably a few morally questionable interactive segments. Having said that, the VR scene lacks a lot of adult-orientated games, so something like this would likely be welcomed. 

The Punisher is definitely an unlikely one though as it would likely be a little too violent to transcribe into VR. Anything short of very violent simply would not be a Punisher game. 


VR Thanos Marvel
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We’re thinking outside of the box a little here, but why should the superheroes get all the fun? Having played a pivotal part in the Avengers films, it would be great to see that series of films from the point of Thanos. Who doesn’t want to play the villain from time-to-time? A Thanos VR title would let you control one of the most powerful beings in the universe. You’d even have the chance to build the Infinity Gauntlet. Sure, trying to kill half of the universe might be a little too dark for a video game. However, from a gameplay perspective it would probably make a lot of sense.

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