Antstream Arcade: Retro streaming app adds iconic Star Wars games to library

Star Wars games have certainly changed since EA got its hands on the license.Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Battlefront II have both attracted plenty of praise (and criticism) for their depiction of the Star Wars universe.

While many fans of the franchise look back fondly on the likes of Knights of the Old Republicand the original Battlefront II, the SNES series of Super Star Wars games certainly has its fans, too.

And now, almost thirty years after the original Super Star Wars' release, fans will once again be able to play the game on new devices.

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Super Star Wars added to Antstream Arcade

The streaming service Antstream Arcade has announced it is set to add the Super Star Wars series to its collection of licensed games available for subscribers. Super Star Wars, Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi will be available to play.

"We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing the retro ‘Star Wars’ series to customers," said Antstream's CEO, Steve Cottam. "[The addition takes us] one step closer to delivering thousands of iconic games to the global gaming community through the power of streaming technology."

The original SNES versionof Super Star Wars first launched in 1992. Mainly following the plot of the original Star Wars trilogy, the games utilise a 2D run-and-gun formula with elements of platforming. Super Star Wars was also released on PS4 as a bundle with 2015's Star Wars Battlefront.

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What is Antstream Arcade?

Antstream Arcade is a retro game streaming service available on consoles, PC, smart TVs and mobile devices. It features thousands of retro games spanning from the early consoles such as the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 up to the SNES era, too.

It also features free tournaments, leaderboards, and challenges for players to take part in every week.

The cloud streaming service costs £9.99 per month, but also has a free version that includes adverts. It is currently available in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, with "limited support across Europe and the USA".

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