Star Wars Jedi: Survivor update makes the game run less like crud

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor update makes the game run less like crud

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor update makes the game run less like crud

Cal Kestis’ massive Galaxy-hopping sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor no longer runs like molasses thanks to a huge update on Xbox Series, PS5 and PC.

While Jedi: Survivor is undoubtedly one of the best stories ever told in the Star Wars universe, its brilliant gameplay was hindered by shoddy performance on all platforms. Especially on PC, Respawn’s latest release’s large stutters and wobbly framerate were dark marks on an amazing game.

In the latest patch across all platforms, Respawn has advertised a largely fixed experience for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. If the game’s poor performance put you off on launch, this might be the time to jump back in.

According to Respawn, the game’s performance mode now hits a largely solid 60fps on all platforms. This was done by removing raytracing in performance mode. Improvements have also been made to the game’s quality mode via clever CPU optimisations to achieve a more stable 30fps.

Fans who have downloaded the update have already reported a much-improved experience. On the PS5 subreddit, fans who were disappointed by the launch status of the game are now happier with the title.

Respawn’s performance improvements come amid plans to bring the game to last-gen consoles. With the game initially running quite poorly on the more powerful Xbox Series and PS5 consoles, many believed there was no way the title would play well on Xbox One and PS4.

Despite the recent performance improvements, there is still wariness surrounding the upcoming ports of the game. While we don’t expect the title to come to, say, the Nintendo Switch, it may not be an entirely offensive release on the lower power machines.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will not be the end of Cal Kestis’ adventures. In fact, the recent sequel has been created as a middle point in a trilogy. Hopefully, we’ll see the third and final part of Cal’s adventure sometime soon.

The next big-budget Star Wars game approaching release is Star Wars Outlaws, a new multi-planet open world adventure created by Ubisoft. With a hot droid and a mouthy protagonist, the game is set to be a brilliant GTA-in-space Star Wars adventure.

On the other hand, for fans of more classic Star Wars adventures, the first Star Wars: Dark Forces game is being remade. Coming to all platforms, the adventures of Kyle Katarn are coming back.

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