Star Wars execs wanted Chewbacca to wear lederhosen in the OG trilogy

George Lucas' original Star Wars trilogy is the definition of iconic. Everything about the movie is irreplaceable in pop culture. Change just one thing and fans go haywire. However, studio executives wanted to change one major thing about the original trilogy: the design of Chewbacca.

Revealed by Mark Hamill, the design of Chewbacca worried studio executives on the first Star Wars movie. For example, character's lack clothing unsettled studio executives. As a result, requested a very specific item of clothing for the character to wear.

Chewbacca Lederhosen and the Fear of Nakedness

20th Century Fox executives had a huge problem with the design of Chewbacca for the original Star Wars. The Wookiee is beloved by many nowadays, but those executives were originally put off by the character’s nakedness.

Revealed by Mark Hamill on Twitter, those executives had a “deep concern" over the Wookie's lack of pants. As a result, they requested for Chewbacca to wear a pair of Lederhosen throughout the movie to cover himself up.

“Very early in the shooting of Star Wars, studio execs expressed deep concern that Chewie didn't wear any pants & suggested he wear a pair of lederhosen,” Hamill reveals. “That they would focus on this amidst all the grotesque elements in the script made us laugh (& a bit worried).”

It certainly is hilarious that the studio was concerned about a naked wookiee but not the burnt corpses of Luke Skywalker's aunt and uncle.

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