Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets have been hoarded by dirty, gross scalpers

The past two years have been infuriating for product launches. Whether it's PlayStation 5 consoles, Pokémon cards or the hit toy your child wants this Christmas, scalpers gonna scalp. With the upcoming release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the dreaded scalpers have sucked up thousands of tickets for the much-anticipated Marvel movie.

Scalpers buy up all Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets

Tickets for Marvel's Spider-Man: No Way Home have only just gone on sale. As part of a “Spider Monday” marketing push, all tickets for the movie went on sale this morning. However, they were quickly siphoned up by tricksy resellers.

Via The Direct, scalpers are not only reselling the tickets, but they're also massively increasing the price. For example, one listing is asking for a disgustingly inflated price of $500 for just two tickets to the new movie.

Other listing are even more egregious. Tickets are skyrocketing in price with some posts asking for upwards of $20,000. One tongue-in-cheek post asking for $20,000 says: “I bought these for myself but if someone is willing to pay this amount to see it, I’m okay with waiting lol.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home scalping
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How to get No Way Home tickets

With the massive scalping issue killing the availability of movie tickets, many are wondering how to buy tickets for the new Spidey films. Thankfully, there are still a few ways to get hold of tickets for the new film.

Firstly, you could give into the scalpers. Of course, this is not ideal — buying from scalpers will only make scalping worse. However, if you desperately need to watch the new movie as soon as possible, it’s your money.

Secondly, you could wait. If scalped tickets aren't purchased then their value is immediately diminished. Over time, if unsold, scalped tickets will lower in value and you might be able to get a ticket that's only slightly inflated. Additionally, if the scalping issue grows, movie theatres may end up cancelling scalped tickets, opening up taken seats.

Lastly, there may still be tickets available at theatres in your area. While the scalping issue is widespread, it may not be as bad in your area. If you're lucky, you might be able to acquire some seats to watch the new Spider-Man movie.

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