VIDEO: Miles Morales meets 'Spider-Man The Cat' in a clip from the new PlayStation game

We were already quite hyped about Spider-Man: Miles Morales, positioned as it is as the first big game that many of us will play on PS5 (even though it is coming out on a PS4, as well).

But now that hype has reached new levels with the confirmation that there's a cute cat in the game who will wear a Spider-Man mask, ride around in your backpack and help out with finishing moves!

Spidey's feline friend was revealed by Game Informer, who mentioned the furry scene-stealer in an epic cover-story about the game (which you find at this link, in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine), before dropping video evidence of the cat-based cuteness online.

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Keep reading to check out the video, and learn how to pick up 'Spider-Man The Cat' for yourself once Spider-Man: Miles Morales is available to play...

VIDEO: Miles Morales makes a feline friend

Following the cat-mentioning cover story in the latest issue of Game Informer, the iconic gaming publication revealed an exclusive video of Insomniac's Spider-Man: Miles Morales game, showing off 'Spider-Man The Cat' in full feline glory.

The video proves that the cat in the game is named Spider-Man, owned by a bodega-owner, and rescued by Miles in an adorable side mission. You'll also be able to unlock a costume which puts the cat in your backpack, complete with a cat-sized Spidey mask, which it will jump out of to help you in select combat moments.

But why read our description when you can see the real thing?! Here's the video that is currently taking the web by storm, which introduces Spider-Man The Cat to the world...

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PAWS FOR THOUGHT: Spider-Man The Cat even helps out during combat!

How do you get the Cat suit, costume and backpack in Spider-Man: Miles Morales?

If you're wondering how exactly to get this cat-carrying backpack/ suit/ costume in the game, the aforementioned Game Informer video gives us a fairly good idea!

Judging by the video, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for a notification entitled 'LOOTERS', which will pop up at some point on the in-game 'Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man App' (a handy on-screen device which will allow players to choose missions without having to go to a pause menu).

This 'LOOTERS' side-mission will lead you to a bodega that has been robbed. Accepting this mission will lead you to a villainous base of some sort where the bodega-owner's cat is being kept. You'll want to defeat the baddies, pick up the cat-bag, and bring it back to the bodega.

The reward for this mission, it seems, will be a cat-in-a-backpack suit that you can wear whenever you like - and who wouldn't want that?!

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will launch on 12th November 2020 for PS4 and PS5.

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