Sony, stop being cowards and make a Big Wheel movie already!

Earlier this week, Sony revealed plans to create a movie based on El Meurto, a character that only appeared in two issues of the Spider-Man comics. The Latino character will join the likes of Venom, Morbius, Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web in Sony’s bizarre universe.

Curiously, while Sony is scraping the bottom of the barrel to find Spider-Man villains to adapt, they’re avoiding the cream of the crop. Like, why are they focusing on boring, basic villains when they could make a movie about Spider-Man’s biggest event: Big Wheel!

Why Big Wheel would make for an amazing movie

Unlike Morbius, Venom and Kraven, Big Wheel has no superpowers. Just like beloved Marvel character Tony Stark, Jackson Weele’s vehicular villain ego is a creation of pure ingenuity. While he didn't build his iconic giant Wheel in a cave with a box of scraps, he did partner with The Tinkerer to build his weapon of mass destruction.

Sony's Spider-Man Connected Universe has often focused on the human side of its villains. Venom is an anti-hero and Morbius wants to be good, but he may end up being bad at some point; who knows, that movie wasn't great. But Big Wheel? Now that's a complex character.

Jackson Weele doesn’t want to be a crook! He's just a embezzling businessman down on his luck! Wheele even has his own nemesis, Rocket Racer, who he must take out in order to stay alive. (1970s comic book debt do be like that sometimes.)

After falling into the Hudson River, but surviving due to a water tight wheel, Big Wheel turned away from a life of crime. He's even fought alongside Spider-Man! However, as is often the case with criminals, Jackson Weele found his way back to crime, even becoming part of the Sinister Six.

With Sony obviously attempting to make a Sinister Six movie, shouldn't they include a member of the supervillain group? After all, if Venom, Morbius, Kraven and El Muerto are going to go up against a bigger threat, they're going to need an expert. And that expert is Big Wheel! Oh, and he should be played by Nick Cage.

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Who else could Sony make a movie of?

As is glaringly obvious after the announcement of both Madame Web and El Muerto movies, Sony will make a movie about anything. This is a studio that is currently attempting to make a fifth Ghostbusters movie. Sony distributed every live-action Resident Evil movie; they have no limits.

However, if the movie studio didn't wish to make a Big Wheel movie — for whatever reason — there are a few lesser known villains they could adapt. For example, Gibbon, a hairy man with “Gibbon-like abilities”. Additionally, there's White Rabbit, a supervillain who dons a giant rabbit mech suit! She could be Sony's first female supervillain as well!

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What about Swarm? A Nazi beekeeper who has a lot of bees!

There's a massive rogue's gallery of supervillains to snatch and adapt into solo movies, some worse than others. But just how much grime will Sony scrape from the bottom of this long-running barrel, and will they strike gold?

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