Sebastian Stan reveals how Bucky Barnes should die in the MCU

With Captain America, well, the first Captain America, putting down the shield, Bucky Barnes is the oldest active MCU superhero.  At well over 100 years old, Barnes has outlived most MCU characters ‐– even the robotic Arnim Zola. However, actor Sebastian Stan already has an idea for how he wants the character to die.

After being in the role of the Winter Soldier for almost ten years, Sebastian Stan has a dream departure in mind for the character. However, with Barnes’ controversial past, will he get the send-off his character deserves?

How Sebastian Stan wants Bucky Barnes to die

At the time of writing, Bucky Barnes is still alive in the MCU. While Falcon and the Winter Soldier isn't currently finished, it seems unlikely that they'll kill the character off. However, with just two episodes left, it would be a huge twist to end Bucky's story here.

In an interview with Uproxx, Sebastian Stan revealed his perfect ending for the Winter Soldier. Back in 2014, the actor revealed he wanted Bucky to “rip his arm off and beat himself to death with it.” After spending a decade as the character, Stan's thoughts have changed substantially.

“Oh man, hopefully at this point, it would be in a nice warm bed as a 200-year-old man with a family,” Stan said. “That’s his way now, I think he’s earned that.”

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What's next for the Winter Soldier?

Falcon and the Winter Soldier likely won't be the last appearance of Bucky Barnes. While there is no confirmation that the show will get a second season, the character will likely return in future MCU projects. The character still has a lot of story potential for TV and movie storylines.

For example, in the comic books, Bucky Barnes did eventually become Captain America. However, with Sam Wilson possibly taking up the mantle and Bucky's terrorist past, he likely won't own the shield. Secondly, Barnes' current storyline has him atoning for past sins.

The Winter Soldier and Falcon could end up becoming mentors for the upcoming Young Avengers project. Unfortunately, we don't know the roadmap for these two characters at the time of writing.

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