Rise of Skywalker looks slightly less horrible on Disney+ now

Star Wars is a series that has seen constant changes over its 44-year history. From changing who shot first to the introduction of uncanny CGI monsters, Star Wars is constantly evolving. However, a recent addition to Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is the first time changes have been made to the sequel trilogy.

Rise of Skywalker has been subtly improved

Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker is full of problems, more than any other film in the sequel trilogy. While it didn't stand out much amid the movie’s other issues, the film suffered from a heavy filter over the entire film.

In the theatrical release, Abrams' Star Wars sequel had an extremely noticeable blue-green filter across the entire film. Even in cinemas, this filter sucked the life out of some of the most exciting moments. For the film's Disney+ release, Lucasfilm has improved the colour grading.

Lucasfilm didn't announce these changes or the reason behind them. However, there’s reason to believe that it was done to make the movie more enjoyable for home viewers. Not only is a large amount of blue light bad for your eyes – just one reason why RoS causes headaches – but it's harder to display on lower-quality displays.

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The subtitles have also been fixed

For the original home release, Rise of Skywalker had incomplete subtitles. In the final battle, Rey is given words of encouragement by the series' past Jedi. For the original release, a lot of these Jedi were not named in the subtitles.

Spotted by Twitter user Jbandos, the final battle now correctly states which character is speaking. With so many voices overlapping, it's easy to misplace a line as belonging to another person. Thankfully, the scene is now easier to understand.

Obviously, these changes can't fix Rise of Skywalker being a bad movie. Episode 9’s problems run deep and a bit of editing can't help that. With that said, it's a slightly better movie than it was before.

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