Pokémon GO Routes could potentially mend fences between Niantic and fans

pokemon go routes could potentially mend fences between niantic and fans
Credit: Niantic

pokemon go routes could potentially mend fences between niantic and fans
Credit: Niantic

Pokémon GO is introducing a new feature called “Routes,” which might finally mend fences between the fanbase and developer Niantic. The company has been under fire after numerous price increases and paid events, but this might be the start of something great.

Kotaku highlighted the feature, revealing that Routes will let players make their own paths that can have individual rewards and experience. Once a player makes a Route, other players can then follow them, also getting additional rewards. While the article did mention some bugginess with the feature, this could be really good if executed well.

Major complaints towards Niantic’s mobile game are that it doesn’t bother giving players basic accessibility options. Bad enough handicapped fans and rural town players can barely participate, but price increases for Remote Raids feel like the company actively punishing them. Routes could fix things for the better if they keep working on their flaws.

Right now, one major flaw with the Pokémon GO Routes is that Niantic has to approve of them first. They will be using an AI that catches certain slurs and a human team to spot what AI can’t catch.

“Like let’s say I’m just circling somebody’s house and I’m like saying something about this person [in the Route description] because I’m trying to troll them,” Senior Producer Chad Jones says. “That’s hard for AI to catch. [...] And that’s generally our approach to try and like walk the line between getting great content out there in a speedy way while also being aware of the fact that not only are there bad actors, but the world is also dynamic.”

It makes sense but this can be a time-consuming thing that will make these players wait even longer. Hopefully, Niantic makes sure that they have a team who can approve/deny these Routes quickly or players might just give up. At the least, we can appreciate the company trying to make things good again.

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Pokémon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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