PlayStation is Still Failing PSVR2 Owners

a white PSVR 2virtual reality headset is sitting on top of a desert .

a white PSVR 2virtual reality headset is sitting on top of a desert .

The PlayStation VR2 is an incredible device with the potential to provide PS5 players with amazing virtual reality experiences. Unfortunately, despite the reveal of new PSVR2 games, Sony’s VR headset owners suffer from a sparse release schedule.

The most recent PlayStation State of Play showcase revealed multiple PSVR2 games. These include the stunning exclusive Behemoth and a few smaller multiplatform games, with the most exciting being Alien: Rogue Incursion.

However, PSVR2 received only a few minutes of PlayStation’s 30-minute conference, leaving those who spent $500 on the headset with little to be excited about. Behemoth is a killer exclusive on par with Horizon: Call of the Mountain, but Alien is a multiplatform title releasing on PC as well as the cheaper, standalone Meta Quest headsets.

PlayStation VR2 requires a significant investment for any gamer. First, you need a PS5, which launched at $500. Then, you need a PSVR2, which launched at $499. While these can now be purchased at a lower price, early adopters who bought both systems at launch have yet to be rewarded.

Currently, the most exciting news surrounding the PlayStation headset is its upcoming PC support. Using a leaked adapter, PlayStation’s VR headset will be able to play thousands of games not available on the console it was designed for. But what about players who only use consoles?

At the time of writing, PS5 VR gamers have only a few exclusive offerings, such as Resident Evil 4’s VR conversion and the stunning Gran Turismo 7 VR mode. After the rapid support for the original PSVR, the limited number of titles for its successor is disappointing.

It appears that console-based VR is on the decline, with standalone VR via Meta’s Quest platform being the future. However, if the standalone platform is too expensive, it will fail, as evidenced by the poor sales of the Apple Vision Pro.

Apart from its upcoming PC support, there is still no compelling reason to buy a PlayStation VR2. It’s a shame because PlayStation’s hardware designers have created one of the best VR headsets available. However, it will never succeed unless PlayStation invests in substantial software support, which is unlikely to happen soon.

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