Nintendo Switch 2 might’ve just been accidentally announced by Pokémon

Pikachu from Pokémon popping out of the screen of a Nintendo Switch
Credit: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company

Pikachu from Pokémon popping out of the screen of a Nintendo Switch
Credit: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company

It's not every day that a new Pokémon game is announced, with the upcoming Pokémon Legends Z-A taking the spin-off series to a redeveloped Luminous City in the Kalos region, as opposed to the mythical setting of the previous entry. However, the surprising fact is that the trailer may have accidentally teased the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 as well.

Nintendo Switch 2 and rumours go hand-in-hand right now, with the Nintendo Switch 2 release date reportedly pushed back from late 2024 to early 2025, in hopes of avoiding a hardware shortage. If you were looking for a Switch during its release back in 2017, you'll understand how difficult it was to find the best gaming handheld. As an example, 16-year-old me went from local towns to cities to find the Switch when it first dropped.

However, there's still no reveal of the console yet from Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch 2 was set to be revealed on the predecessor's anniversary, but that's likely pushed back due to the delay. Fortunately, we may have got a tease for the handheld from The Pokémon Company itself to satiate our anticipation.

In the recent reveal trailer of the Pokémon Legends Z-A game, we get our first look at the next world in the Legends spin-off series. But, in all of the Pokémon excitement, you likely missed a small tease for the Nintendo Switch 2 at the end of the trailer, which reads "Releasing simultaneously worldwide in 2025", with the trailer's description stating that the game will release on "Nintendo Switch systems in 2025".

Now, I hear what you're thinking - "that could mean the current Nintendo Switch family of consoles", and you may be right. However, on the other side of the coin, the reveal trailer's description for Scarlet & Violet's announcement reads "arriving on Nintendo Switch in late 2022". It makes no sense why The Pokémon Company would start referring to the Switch, Lite, and OLED models as "systems", when it didn't two years ago.

It could simply be phrasing that we're mistaking to mean the family of systems right now, but considering that the Switch 2 was reportedly being revealed next month, alongside the Nintendo Switch 2 specs, we have a small inkling that this was meant to line up alongside the reveal. And having the successor to the beloved Pokémon Legends: Arceus as a launch title would help the Switch 2 receive more sales, especially since the first Switch had no Pokémon game as a launch game.

The Nintendo Switch 2 release date is yet to be revealed, but if anything, this definitely points to some of the reports being true. And hopefully, we'll get an official reveal in the upcoming months.

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