Nintendo reveals official Pokeball replicas - and they aren't cheap!

Sometimes you just need to fill your house with cool stuff.

As gamers, there is a lot of cool stuff to choose from, and picking just one thing is basically impossible.

Well, this time around we're talking about something for the die-hard (this is a pun and we're very proud of it) Pokémon fan in your life, even if that's you.

That's right, finally you can own your own Poké Ball. It's not a real one though, so don't go around trying to digitize your dog or anything.

Have a look at this incredible Poké Ball

This is being made by The Wand Company, and the "Poké Ball’s engineered die-cast metal shell has a deeply coloured surface that is sensitive to touch and proximity. With its brightly glowing button and lift-to-display illuminated presentation case, this Poké Ball is the long-awaited collectable for Pokémon fans and the start of an exciting Poké Ball collection."

It also has a touch sensor and a proximity sensor, so it glows extra brightly when touched. On top of that "pressing the button starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence; double-clicking it changes the light colour from white to red and then green."

Basically, it's a really cool product that should look fantastic on your display shelf/desk/in a box somewhere.

How much is it going to be though, and when can you buy one?

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How much are the Poké Balls and when are they coming out?

The Poké Balls will be around the £100 mark no matter where you buy them from. The official website has a list of all of the retailers based on where you live too.

The key thing is that the product is due to release on February 27th 2021, which isn't even that far away. Maybe a late Valentine's gift?

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