Niantic finally released a great Pokémon GO update but it’s taking it back

niantic released a good pokemon go update and is now taking it back
Credit: Niantic

niantic released a good pokemon go update and is now taking it back
Credit: Niantic

Niantic actually released a good Pokémon GO update that fans really enjoy and now it’s taking it away. This update doubled the amount of Pokémon appearing, making it easier to catch them, but now it’s going to get nerfed.

When the update first arrived, many assumed it was an accident or too good to be true, as it led to more Pokémon appearing. However, Twitter user @LeekDuck stated that this was no accident and making more of these critters appear was the intended move. Many fans were happy with this move after being unhappy with the game for so long.

Unfortunately, Niantic giveth and Niantic Taketh away, as the company confirmed that it would be nerfing this update. Although it promised to listen to fan feedback, the fact they are actively removing something fans are enjoying continues the company’s history of making fans unhappy.

“Some Trainers may have experienced an increase to the current interaction radius,” Niantic said on Twitter. “This was the unintended effect of a bug fix intended to improve the Pokémon encounter experience when your device is experiencing GPS drift. While we’re reverting this change, we will take your feedback into consideration as we look to optimize the Pokémon encounter experience in the future.”

At this point, Niantic being mean to Pokémon GO players has practically become a meme as it keeps on doing this. Before the update, many fans were already annoyed at the game’s bad gym battles and increased prices for Remote Raid Passes. Players also didn’t like how the game shifted into focusing on paid events after being a good Free-to-Play app for many years.

The company does seemingly want to do right for fans, as the upcoming Routes feature shows. This will allow players to make their own Routes with Pokémon so they can have adventures with their friends. It’s actually a good feature to add but only because the company has done so much damage to the fanbase.

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Pokémon GO is readily available on iOS and Android devices.

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