New Pokémon games announcement date revealed in datamine

new pokemon games announcement date revealed in datamine

new pokemon games announcement date revealed in datamine

It’s been a hot minute but we’re finally going to get a Pokémon Presents showcase soon. Dataminers have uncovered data that reveals a release date for the upcoming presentation, though show details are still unknown.

Twitter user @EternalStay0 datamined the Pokémon Masters EX mobile game, revealing a release date for the presentation. According to the data, we’re going to get this livestream on August 8 at 3pm.

Considering how each of these presentations always showcase the mobile games, this leak for Pokémon Presents seems likely. While we could get a slightly different date from The Pokémon Company, there’s no doubt that this data seems legitimate.

Details about the upcoming event are unknown, though we can assume what some of them will be. Information on the Scarlet and Violet DLC will likely be shown since Nintendo has already shown some of it off. There’s also hope that we will get the rumoured new Pokémon Legends game, capitalizing on Arceus’ success.

We can also probably expect updates and events for mobile games like the aforementioned Pokémon Masters EX. These aren’t usually too exciting for Switch fans, though mobile users will appreciate knowing what to expect.

One thing fans shouldn’t expect are new mainline games since Scarlet and Violet just came out last year. The DLC for both games are only about to come out, so expect the return of fan-favorites who were cut from the base game. All we can do is hope Bulbasaur makes the cut again.

Pokémon has been something of a controversial franchise as of late, given the poor state of Scarlet and Violet’s release. Despite Nintendo giving unfulfilled promises about future patches, both games still sold like crazy and are generally well-liked. Poor performance aside, the main gameplay loop and interesting story did keep fans hooked.

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If the data provided ends up being true, the new Pokémon Presents will take place on August 8. Stay tuned for more details.

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