New Pokémon anime will still have a Pikachu protagonist without Ash Ketchum

new pokemon anime captain pikachu

new pokemon anime captain pikachu

The upcoming Pokémon anime will still have a prominent Pikachu, despite the departure of decades-long protagonist Ash Ketchum. While Ash’s Pikachu will be gone, fans will be happy to know that the company’s mascot still has a place in the new anime.

We’re not just getting any Pikachu, as The Pokémon Company revealed the series’ new “Captain Pikachu”, complete with a cool hat. Joined by its trainer, the white-haired Friede, these two are expected to play a major role in the anime, accompanying the new protagonists.

Admittedly, a Pokémon anime wouldn’t feel complete without Pikachu, as the fan-favorite Electric-type is still loved by fans everywhere. That’s probably why it’s included in pretty much every Pokémon game. However, this is a new series and it would have been fun to see them try to make Fuecoco the new mascot.

Still, it’s not too surprising to see a Pikachu pop up in the anime. The fact that it has a name and a hat makes it even more adorable. Only time will tell if its personality matches Ash’s Pikachu or surpasses it but the design is really fun.

Knowing that Ash will be leaving the Pokémon anime soon still feels surreal. The character has been around for 25 years, so knowing that his journey is finally ending is actually kind of sad. It is good to know that we’re getting two protagonists and the starters from the new games, but we millennials will need time to process this.

Expect more details on the anime now that Pokémon Day is upon us. Most of us are looking forward to the video game announcements, which should include Scarlet and Violet updates. Rumours of a new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon have also made their way online, so that should be interesting.

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Nostalgic fans have a variety of ways to watch the old Pokémon anime, including Pokémon TV on Nintendo Switch. Video game fans can pick up Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on the Switch right now.

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