Morbius spectacularly flops again in its meme-fuelled return to cinemas

When it was announced that Morbius was coming back to theaters, many were terrified that some would actually watch the Sony movie. With the film at the height of meme culture, many thought any success the re-re-release brought could've led Sony to greenlight a sequel.

Thankfully, after the internet gaslit Sony into believing Morbius was popular, the latest Marvel Legend has, once again, failed. It appears that Morbius 2: It's Morbing Time won't be happening after all.

Not even Memes could save Morbius

After returning to theaters last Friday, Morbius' last stand was a momentous failure. With the film playing to 1000+ theaters and Sony doing its best to appeal to fans of those Morbin’ Time memes, the movie could've actually made some money.

However, the film's return to theatres was a huge flop, making just $85,000 on its first day. In total, over the weekend, just $280,000 was taken, around $289 per theatre. Forbes confirmed that Morbius has now made $73.6 million in total thanks to the re-release, which isn’t much.

Sony has tried very hard to push Morbius towards meme makers. In fact, Jared Leto even shared a fake script for a sequel called Morbius 2: It’s Morbin’ Time. It’s clear that Sony and Leto completely misread what the Morbius memes were all about, hence the film failing again.

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Morbius’ second failure makes it an even bigger meme

The film bombing twice will likely make Morbius an even bigger meme than it already is. Re-releases only do well in theaters when they're good movies; Morbius isn't that. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that Morbius failed again.

Fans on Twitter have already begun on this failed Marvel Legend, with some even joking that they actually wanted a Morbius TV show (they don’t). Others also pointed out how Sony didn’t get the joke, which is that the memes celebrating Morbius are ironic. Sony executives have to take a look in the mirror and realize that memes don’t always equate to cult-favorite status.

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No more Morbius?

Due to the film’s box office failure, there’s a good chance that a Morbius sequel is no longer in the cards. However, the character can always make a comeback in that Sinister Six film that Sony really wants to make. We also wouldn’t be too shocked if he somehow makes a cameo in Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Kraven the Hunter, maybe even in a worse post-credit scene.

Even with Morbius’ failure, Sony is intent on making their own version of the MCU with Spider-Man’s villains. International rapper and WrestleMania performer Bad Bunny has already been signed to an El Muerto movie. Venom 3 has also been confirmed, which makes sense since that’s the only Sony/Marvel franchise not named Spider-Man to make money.

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