Morbius 2 will only happen if Jared Leto gets full creative control

Sony’s Spider-Man Connected Universe dropped a huge stain on the world with the release of Morbius. Despite a massive meme campaign for the movie fuelling the majority of ticket sales, the “new Marvel legend” failed (twice) to make a splash at the box office.

Despite this, there are rumours — or threats — of a Morbius 2 in the works. But what would it take for Sony to make a sequel to one of the most hated films of the last decade?

Morbius 2 might actually happen

In a report by Giant Freaking Robot, it was revealed that Sony is considering a sequel to its black sheep Marvel movie. However, creating the film will require one major caveat: giving main actor Jared Leto full creative control.

According to the report, Jared Leto is confident that Morbius 2 is wanted from the fanbase. However, the upcoming sequel has to be a massive improvement over the original, making it a worthwhile movie as well. Instead of just being a meme, it needs to be entertaining.

Leto, a highly controversial actor, has expressed interest in continuing his role in future spin-offs, but this is the first mention of a direct sequel. Outside of a joke on TikTok, the actor has barely discussed the critically-panned movie. 

Furthermore, there’s no sign of what Leto actually wants from a sequel. While the actor may be seeking full creative control, there’s no sign of them wanting to follow a particular storyline. Would Morbius team up with Vulture like the post-credits scene implied? Or would they do something different altogether?

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Could Jared Leto direct?

There are rumblings that Jared Leto would request to direct the alleged superhero movie sequel if Sony green lights the project. But just how feasible is this?

While Leto has a number of directorial credits, none of them are for feature-length movies. Instead, the actor’s direction has been isolated entirely to music videos for his band 30 Seconds to Mars.

Directing a feature film is a huge undertaking, especially for a film meant to salvage a franchise. If the movie does get announced, we doubt that Leto would direct. However, the actor could end up choosing a director for the film.

With all this in mind, it’s bizarre to think of a sequel to the movie ever existing. It was already confusing when the first movie was announced, a sequel certainly isn’t necessary.

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