Modern Warfare 2 Server Error - How To Fix The Server Error On Modern Warfare 2

Four soldiers moving through a complex - Modern Warfare 2 Server Error
Credit: Activision

Four soldiers moving through a complex - Modern Warfare 2 Server Error
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 is finally with us and bringing with it a host of new features, including, unfortunately, the Modern Warfare 2 Server Error.

Players have reported different types of server or connection errors. The Puget-Altus error and the Detrick Guernsey error, to name a few. Some are stuck connecting to the data centre.

We'll explain what typically causes this issue. And most importantly of all, we'll suggest a few potential fixes for you to try.

How To Fix The Modern Warfare 2 Server Error

If you are encountering a server error on Modern Warfare 2, there are a few fixes that are known to be effective.

Check The Server Status

The first thing to do is always to check the server status for the game, to see if the servers are actually up and running. You can check the servers by visiting the Activision Online Services page. Alternatively, you can do that for the PSN here, and Xbox Live here.

If for any reason the servers are down, then nothing else you try will help. Wait until the servers are back online, and then try again.

Even if the servers are working, it's possible that the sheer volume of players trying to access the game is causing the issue. So try connecting when it isn't peak times, and see if this resolves your issue.

Check Your Internet Connection

Assuming the servers are working as they should be, the next thing to try is checking your own internet connection. There are a few steps we recommend:

  • Test another game or application to make sure your internet is working.
  • Check your connection speed. If it's lower than expected, contact your ISP.
  • Try swapping to a wired connection if possible, as this will generally provide you with a more stable connection.
  • Close down any other bandwidth-heavy applications, to minimise the traffic on the network.
  • Finally, try restarting your router.

Add Modern Warfare 2 To Your Safe List

It is possible that your connection to Modern Warfare 2 is being blocked by an overzealous Antivirus or Firewall.

It's worth checking that you've added the game to your safe-list, to stop them from blocking the game.

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Alternatively, you can try temporarily disabling the antivirus/firewall, and see if Modern Warfare 2 starts working. If it does, there's a good chance that you've identified your issue.

What Is The Modern Warfare 2 Server Error?

Simply put, players who are attempting to log into the game are unable to do so, and are receiving an error message. There are several common reasons for something like this to happen:

  • Server maintenance
  • Internet connection issues
  • Antivirus/Firewall blocking the game

Try the suggestions we outlined above. These are your best bet for overcoming the Modern Warfare 2 server error and getting back into the game.

What About The Connection Failed Error?

Some players who are trying to launch the game are encountering a connection failed error which is accompanied by a message which states:

Connection Failed. Login servers are currently undergoing maintenance. [Reason - Detrick - Guernsey].

When players receive this message, it means they are unable to access the game.

For most players, this is happening because they've tried to launch the game before the servers have actually been brought online. This should resolve itself once the servers are up and running.

However, if the servers are online and you are still seeing this error, it may indicate that the servers have simply been overloaded by a surge in traffic. So wait a while, and then try again.

Now that the Modern Warfare 2 server error is fixed, have a look at how to fix lag in Modern Warfare 2 and how to reduce high ping.

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