Minecraft Error Code Drowned: What does it mean and how to fix it on PS4 and Xbox

If you've been playing Minecraft, and suddenly find yourself on the receiving end of Error Code: Drowned, you might be a little frustrated. Annoyed even. And this is entirely reasonable, as no-one wants to sit down for a session of their favourite game, only to find themselves thwarted because of an error code.

But lucky for you, Stealth Optional is here, like a lifeboat, to pull you out of the water, and tell you everything you need to know about Error Code: Drowned.

What is Error Code Drowned in Minecraft?

This is an error which most typically seems to be afflicting players of the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. When users attempt to sign in to play the game, they receive the following error message:

We could not sign you into your Microsoft account. Access to Realms, Profiles, and your marketplace items will be limited. Please try again later.
Error Code: Drowned

While trying again later might help on occasion, quite often, trying again later doesn't actually work. The good news, there are a few other things that you can try, inn order to overcome this problem.

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How to fix Error Code Drowned on PS4

The first, and perhaps most obvious fix is to make sure you are using the correct log-in credentials. If you think you may be using the wrong username or password, then it is worth double-checking this, and doing a reset if necessary. According to Minecraft, the steps to follow are as follows:

To reset the password for an older Minecraft account (you log in with your username) follow these steps: 

  1. Go to account.mojang.com/migrate
  2. Press the "Forgot your password?" link
  3. Enter your account email and username, and press "Request password reset"

To reset the password for a Microsoft account (used for Minecraft: Java Edition) follow these steps:

  1. Go to reset your password and enter your email address. 
  2. Tell us where you’d like us to send a security code (email or phone number). 
  3. Once you receive your security code, you’ll be prompted to choose a new password and enter it twice. Passwords should be at least 8 characters long and should contain a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. 

It's worth noting that if you have lost access to your Microsoft account, then you need to regain access before you an successfully update your password.

Assuming your password and account details are correct, another step that people have found effective is to clear account data and then trying to sign back in. On the PlayStation:

  • Go to the PlayStation Home screen, and go to Settings.
  • Click on Saved Data
  • Select Minecraft
  • Choose Saved Data
  • Delete all files that are not named Minecraft
  • Relaunch the game

Files that are named Minecraft represent your saved Realms, so definitely don't delete those!

If this is unsuccessful, then it is worth contacting PlayStation support, or Mojang support, for further assistance.

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How to fix Error Code Drowned on Xbox One and Series X

As mentioned above, the first thing to do is to ensure that your account and password details are correct. Let's assume that they are. The next thing to do is to try clearing unnecessary data. To do this:

  • Restart the game
  • Go to game settings and choose Profile
  • Select Clear Account Sign in Data and press confirm
  • After waiting for a short time, around 20 seconds, restart the game again.
  • Sign in with your correct account details.

This seems to have worked for the majority of people. But again, if you continue to have issues, contact Mojang customer support, for further assistance.

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