Michael Keaton refuses to watch any superhero movie, even Morbius

When Michael Keaton returned as The Vulture for Morbius, we were all expecting him to be Morbing out alongside us. However, the decades long superhero actor has confirmed that not only has he not Morbed out, but never will.

Michael Keaton refuses to watch superhero movies

In an interview with Variety, Michael Keaton explained that he doesn’t want to watch superhero movies. The actor, who has played everything from Batman to Vulture, has decided to just not watch the genre.

The actor explained that he’s not too “highbrow” to watch the genre. However, the actor noted that he always has “other shit to do”. So, no Michael Morbin Time.

“I know people don’t believe this, that I’ve never seen an entire version of any of those movies — any Marvel movie, any other,” he said. “And I don’t say that I don’t watch that because I’m highbrow — trust me! It’s not that… It’s just that there’s very little things I watch. I start watching something and think it is great, and I watch three episodes, but I have other shit to do!”

Via The Direct, Keaton has discussed this situation before. The actor explained that he did watch the original Batman, but no mainstream comic book movies after that.

“After the first Batman, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an entire [comic book] movie,” Keaton said. “I just never got around to it. So you’re talking to a guy who wasn’t in the zeitgeist of that whole world. When I went down to do the Marvel things in Atlanta … It’s an entire city dedicated to Marvel … They’ll be doing Marvel movies forever. I’ll be dead, and they’ll still be doing Marvel movies.”

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You don’t have to watch them

The existence of mainstream superhero movies has been a cornerstone of cinema for the past decade. However, even before then, superhero cinema was always a massive part of blockbusters.

Despite this, you aren’t required to watch superhero movies, despite how popular they are. After all, as with anything, you do you. (Personally, we do like superhero movies though.)

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