Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has fall damage to make web-swinging scarier

Spider-Man 2 fall damage - Symbiote Suit Peter Parker looking shocked

Spider-Man 2 fall damage - Symbiote Suit Peter Parker looking shocked

Insomniac Games is adding some optional challenge to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, introducing fall damage as a way to make web-swinging just a tad more exciting.

Marvel’s Spider-Man and its spin-off sequel Miles Morales both feature some of the best web-swinging we’ve seen in a superhero game. However, there was never any danger when cruising through New York on a pendulum of webs.

Discovered by YouTube creator Blitzwinger, Spider-Man 2 will feature an optional fall damage mode that will allow players to customise the treachery of their movement. With this mode turned on, every swing is one of survival as falling from the skies due to a missed swing will result in injury or death.

Fall damage did technically exist in Spider-Man and Miles Morales, but it wasn’t an intended feature. Instead, if you fell from a high spot into a place you weren’t supposed to be, you could take “fall damage” and be respawned somewhere else.

With Insomniac’s Spider-Man games featuring some of the easiest web-swinging in the character’s open-world history, it is nice to have the option to make the activity a bit more interesting. Especially once you’re finished with the main campaign, free swinging around New York skyscrapers could be even more fun with the threat of damage just around the corner.

However, we don’t expect fall damage to ever be an issue, or really happen, all that often. Alongside the introduction of Venom and the Symbiote Suit, Spider-Man 2 introduces gliding to Insomniac’s games for the first time. With this mechanic, it should be even rarer to fall from the skies to the ground, unless you want to.

Spider-Man 2 finally launches on PlayStation 5 on October 20th. For those who are interested, Insomniac and Sony have released limited edition PS5 faceplates and controllers to customise your gameplay experience.

Following the release of Spider-Man 2, Insomniac Games’ next launch will be Marvel’s Wolverine. While few details are known, the game is expected to be a violent take on the iconic X-Men character.

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