Marvel's Kevin Feige doesn't want to take over Star Wars Universe

Kevin Feige has been a huge part of Marvel's dominating success. Even before the release of Iron Man in 2008, Feige has been an integral part of Marvel on screen. Following the producer’s success, fans hoped Feige would help Disney steer the Star Wars universe.

Reports have revealed that Kevin Feige isn't interested in leaving Marvel to help Star Wars. After many decades at the superhero company, Feige is still loyal to keeping the massive success rolling for the company.

Kevin Feige doesn't want Star Wars

In a Variety report, it's been revealed that Kevin Feige is currently loyal to helping the future of Marvel Studios. Despite his huge influence at Disney, the producer reportedly has no ambition to move towards another cinematic universe project. Disney's Star Wars projects have suffered from poor planning, especially with Rise of Skywalker. Despite this, Feige has no plans to help out.

“After it was announced in 2019 that Feige would produce a 'Star Wars' movie, there were rumors that he might assume more control of Lucasfilm," Variety says. "However, insiders say that Feige is fully committed with his Marvel duties and has no ambition to lead Lucasfilm or take more of a role."

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Feige's Star Wars project

Kevin Feige may not be interested in helping the Star Wars universe, but he's still involved with the universe. At the time of writing, the producer is currently working on an untitled Star Wars movie. Some fans have already complained that aspects of the Sequel Trilogy felt too Marvel-like. However, it's impossible to downplay the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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