Marvel wants to make a Planet X movie about Groot’s family

I Am Groot has proven to be a fairly charming Marvel series on Disney+ and fans want to see more. Turns out Marvel might too, as Vin Diesel claims the studio wants to make a Planet X movie about Groot’s family.

Considering all the MCU spinoffs we’ve seen announced, from Agatha Harkness to Armor Wars, anything is possible with Marvel Studios. Only time will tell if Vin Diesel is serious about this or if it was just a fun little joke.

Planet X movie starring Groot?

Vin Diesel went on Instagram to praise the I Am Groot shorts, claiming his niece thanked him for them. What really got people’s attention was Vin Diesel randomly saying “No wonder Marvel wants to make the Planet X movie.”

Admittedly, this could be the actor having fun and joking around, since Marvel will seemingly make a spinoff about anything. However, Marvel making a spinoff about anything makes the comment even more believable, though we would prefer more Groot shorts.

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What happens to Groot and the Guardians?

While a Planet X movie about Groot’s family would be interesting, most fans are more curious about Groot’s adopted family. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is set to be the final adventure of this iteration of the intergalactic team.

Depending on how James Gunn ends his epic saga, it will be interesting to see if that can lead to a Planet X film. Considering how the movie only ends this iteration of the team, there could be a soft reboot with a completely new cast of characters.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is coming to theaters on May 5, 2023. Marvel is also planning to release a Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special this December.

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