Marvel is making its own VFX studio after industry boycotts

Marvel Studios has been under the spotlight as of late in the VFX industry. With so many VFX-heavy projects in the works, Marvel is hugely dependent on CGI studios.

However, Marvel‘s treatment of VFX artists has been criticised over the last few years. With a number of VFX artists boycotting the studio over poor working conditions and project management, it looks like the movie studio is looking at alternatives.

Marvel Studios VFX house

In order to bypass the backlash and boycotts facing Marvel Studios from VFX studios, the movie juggernaut has decided to form its own. Well, if some reports can be believed, that is.

According to reports by ScreenGeek, the studio is looking to form its own VFX house within the next few years. Similar to Industrial Lights and Magic’s handling of Star Wars, all Marvel effects will go through this studio.

With the MCU greatly expanding for Phase 5 and 6, this new VFX house would be responsible for almost every Marvel project. From small Disney Plus shows to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, this studio would do it all.

However, creating an entire VFX house is no easy task, especially for a franchise as huge as the MCU. With so many projects in the works, Marvel would need to hire hundreds upon hundreds of artists to keep up with demand.

Nevertheless, if Marvel can do this, it has a lot to benefit from its own VFX house. For example, if the MCU fails one day, a cutting edge VFX studio will still have value to other filmmakers. 

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Will this fix the issues?

If Marvel Studios does indeed create its own VFX studio, the ongoing issues won’t be magically fixed. The issues with Marvel’s treatment of VFX artists come from rushed deadlines, late changes and an unnatural reliance on the technology.

In order for Marvel to truly improve in this regard, the way in which it creates movies needs to be improved. It can’t keep changing things for the sake of it or cramming out project after project.

Marvel is seemingly too big to fail at this moment, even with controversies. But we at least hope that VFX artists will be treated right if this new CGI studio is indeed real.

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