Marvel Studios will internally develop games following Avengers failure

marvel to focus more on games after avengers flop
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

marvel to focus more on games after avengers flop
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

There are plenty of Marvel video games coming out in the future, including this month’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and that seems to be the company’s intent. But even after the failure and de-listing of Marvel’s Avengers, it seems Marvel Studios will be putting more of their attention to game development than before.

Gaming insider CanWeGetSomeToast tweeted out how Marvel is aware of their games not reaching their full potential. Furthermore, the insider claims that Marvel might be leaning towards more focused game development in the near future, with EA’s Iron Man and Black Panther games starting that movement.

“Marvel is PAINFULLY aware of how their video games division hasn’t been reaching its potential overall,” CanWeGetSomeToast tweeted. “There have been whispers of an internal shift for Marvel to focus on games. The new EA Black Panther and Iron Man games will be the start of a push for something BIG.”

While fans should take this with a grain of salt, the amount of games announced does indicate that a movement is starting. Obviously, we have Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 coming out this month but there’s also Insomniac’s Wolverine game and the Captain America/Black Panther project.

Gaming insider discusses Marvel's plans for game development.
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Credit: CanWeGetSomeToast (Twitter)

EA’s Iron Man is expected to be a big project, as job listings have hinted that this might be an open-world title. Considering how Iron Man started the MCU, using that character to start a gaming universe would be appropriate. Personally, we think it should have started with the Insomniac Spider-Man games but to each their own.

Despite the popularity of their movies, the Marvel Games division has been something of a disappointment, outside of Spider-Man. Marvel’s Avengers was de-listed, Guardians of the Galaxy disappointed Square Enix, and Marvel Midnight Suns didn’t meet sales expectations. Guardians and Midnight Suns actually received good reviews, but it seems Avengers has damaged the brand, somewhat.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is coming to the PlayStation 5 later this month, on October 20.

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