Lucasfilm’s ILM opens Mumbai facility to keep up with production demands

The Star Wars franchise had benefited from brilliant visual effects thanks to LucasFilm’s Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). One of the best and most in-in-demand VFX companies in the world, there’s more demand than ever for ILM.

In order to satisfy demand, the VFX studio announced a full production facility in Mumbai, India. However, be surprised if even more VFX studios are announced in the near future, considering how in-demand action blockbusters are.

LucasFilm’s ILM continues to grow

As reported by Variety, the Mumbai studio of ILM is the fifth one thus far, the other four being in Vancouver, London, Singapore, and Sydney. Unsurprisingly, the LucasFilm studio will continue to work on special effects and various animations for future shows and movies.

“With five global studios consistently operating at capacity and continuing to grow, the time was right for ILM to expand once again to meet the industry’s increasing demand for high-caliber visual effects,” said ILM SVP and General Manager, Janet Lewin.

As for the shows ILM worked on, fans won’t be surprised to know that The Mandalorian is one of them. The studio also worked on The Book of Bobba Fett which are constantly in demand, if the report is true.

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ILM in demand

Though most assume that ILM only does Star Wars shows for LucasFilm, it turns out the studio is in demand. Supposedly, ILM has gotten the attention of numerous filmmakers and studios around the world, due to their quality VFX expertise.

“ILM is in high demand from top filmmakers and showrunners around the world. Being able to add more top talent, now in our new ILM studio in India, is going to help us continue to grow and continue to do the highest quality work on even more exciting shows,” said Rob Bredow, SVP and chief creative officer of ILM. “We’re particularly excited about the talent in India and establishing a top-tier, full service studio as we have first in San Francisco, then Singapore, Vancouver, London, and Sydney.”

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