Loki writer compares the show's unlimited potential to Rick and Morty

Wednesday’s premiere of Marvel Studios' Loki has burst open the potential of the MCU. In the show's first episode, fans were introduced to the MCU's concept of multiple timelines as well as the idea of a multiverse.

At the moment, fans have only just been introduced to these universe changing concepts. However, Loki, Doctor Strange 2 and Spider-Man No Way Home are all planning on expanding on these ideas in the future.

Loki was inspired by Rick and Morty

In an interview with CBM, head writer Michael explained that Rick and Morty inspired the new show. Waldron explained that the limitless potential of the writer’s past work on Rick and Morty helped develop Loki. The imagination needed to create a show like Rick and Morty would end up fueling the new MCU project.

Waldron explained:

"It felt very similar to Rick & Morty in that sense in that it was like ‘Alright, you can do anything here,’ there’s no cap on our imagination. That’s a testament to Marvel as much as anything. They allowed us to be as crazy and risky as we could possibly be as a writing staff. Kevin Feige really empowered me to take chances with the character and everything. So, in that sense, it reminded me of working on Rick & Morty."

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There will be lots more Easter Eggs

In the first episode of Loki, it's revealed that the TVA has drawers full of Infinity Stones. Since the stones only work in the universe they came from, the stones were used as paperweights. After the massive ten-year Infinity Saga, this was a hilarious Easter Egg for fans.

In the interview, Waldron explained that there are a lot more scenes like this coming in the future.

"I think it was really cool to take the world of the MCU - there’s literally ten years of history that have come before this and there’s so much weight on stuff like the Infinity Stones and everything and what I thought and what our writing team got really excited about was ‘Alright, how can we say that all of that stuff was basically just bullshit compared to what the TVA does?'
It’s all in service of just making the TVA, establishing them as a more and more formidable force for Loki to be running up against. So, there’s a lot of good opportunities for Easter Eggs and stuff within that."

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