Link to the Past: Toy Story 2, one of the BEST film-to-game adaptations

In this weekly column where our Deputy Editor Daryl finds some great retro content, it’s all about Buzz Lightyear's most acclaimed game from 1999.

Film to game adaptations are few and far between these days; you're more likely to see characters appear in established series for no reason.

Mandalorian in Fortnite is one example, but you don't see a direct adaptation, save for the 'Lego Star Wars' games.

After watching many films over at Disney+, I was reminded of the fantastic game that was 'Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue' for the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Mac, Dreamcast and PC.

Here's why it should be either remastered or remade.

To Infinity and Beyond on the PSX

Released back in November of 1999 to line up with the film's release, you are unsurprisingly in the control of Buzz Lightyear, where you would need to complete certain tasks to obtain the five Pizza Planet tokens scattered across the level.

There are fifteen levels, with ten levels and five boss levels in all, where it loosely bases it off the film, but differentiates itself enough that it becomes its own thing.

It's still a game that's played today, partly-due to the fact that it was re-released for the PlayStation 3, PSP, and PS Vita ten years ago.

It had a control scheme that was less of the grid-system of 'Tomb Raider', and more from games like 'Fighting Force' and 'Rosco McQueen'. It had a replayability value that kept you coming back for more, with its varied levels and power-ups.

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It's no secret that its sequel, 'Toy Story 3' released in 2011, was a good game as well. However, this involved all of the cast, not just Buzz, and while it was a fun time, it didn't equal up to the fun that the previous game had.

But this and the section in 'Kingdom Hearts III' makes one wonder how a remake could work. A sprawling, 4K, ray-traced Toy Story 2 collecting Pizza Planet tokens.

If you ask someone on Twitter about this game, there's a good chance their exclamations in the reply will tell you everything you need to know about this game.

It's an underrated classic, and one that should be seen to be remade for the current gen of consoles and computers.

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