Does Lethal Company have controller support?

Lethal Company controller support - player with radiation indicator

Lethal Company controller support - player with radiation indicator

Lethal Company is indeed one hugely fun game and gamers have been diving in and having the best of time. But can you actually use a controller to play it, or you're doomed to use the keyboard and mouse? Let's check out all about Lethal company's controller support.

The game has been making the rounds as one of the cult hits of this year, because there are so many weird things to find. Both running away from monsters and also using quirky weapons such as the shovel.

But for now, keep reading to find out all on Lethal Company and if it features controller support.

Does Lethal Company have controller support?

Yes, Lethal Company does have controller support. But, according to the Steam page, that support is also partial. This means that, while you'll be able to navigate through most aspects of its gameplay only using a controller, there are others that just are not going to work.

For example, there are players that will have to be at a terminal and using it just like you would a real computer, with a keyboard pressing letters. That will obviously not work with a controller.

The best controllers for Lethal Company

Overall, all major controllers should be fine for Lethal Company, either a classic Xbox pad or a Nintendo Switch pro controller. Again, just keep in mind that each one has its separate layout (so better check them out first, before heading in) and that, again, there will be need of a keyboard for certain features.

That's all we have for you con Lethal Company's controller support. Now you can also check out our list of monsters in Lethal Company and how to kill them. If you're curious about the hazard levels, we've got the guide you might need. Also, find out everything you need to know about Lethal Company radiation and how it will affect you.

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