Lethal Company age rating

Lethal Company age rating - player holding a shiny item

Lethal Company age rating - player holding a shiny item

Among the indie cult hits of 2023, Lethal Company was surely one of the most surprising, apparently springing out of nowhere and conquering everyone. But with the success, also come questions, specifically about Lethal Company age rating. Is the game appropriate for kids or not?

Many are also wondering about the turrets in Lethal Company and other aspects of its gameplay such as its weapons such as the shovel.

But in this article, we'll take a look at how Lethal Company shapes up in regards as being appropriate for any age or not.

Lethal Company age rating

Overall, we feel the game could be recommended to ages 16 and up. Lethal Company would definitely earn what would amount as a T on the ESRB rating scale and a "16+" for the PEGI.

For example, Lethal Company doesn't feature any kinds of sex or nudity, but there's definitely violence, there are traces of blood and moderate violence, along with the corpses of other players being left behind. Overall, we would say the level of violence to be moderate.

As for Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking, there is some mild content here and there, but definitely limited consumption of such substances. While there is no swearing in Lethal Company, since this is a multiplayer game it is definitely easy to be subjected to other players' swearing and using profanities.

Where the game really earns its T rating, though, is how frightening it might be for a young player. Naturally, Lethal Company leans more into the silly rather than photorealistic horror, but still some frightening scenes might happen, and the atmosphere can be quite tense. Also, there's a huge variey of monsters that will attack players.

That's all you need to know on Lethal Company age rating. Still, for more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our guides on how to rebind controls and how to dance.

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