How to fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor freezing on Koboh issue

fix star wars jedi survivor freezing on koboh
Credit: EA

fix star wars jedi survivor freezing on koboh
Credit: EA

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is extremely buggy and the game is freezing on Koboh for many players, making progress through the game a nightmare on PC.

It’s a real shame too, as the game is a huge improvement over Fallen Order, but these annoying Jedi Survivor errors are preventing gamers from having a good time. Many fans have shared their frustration with this freezing issue, even those that have finished the title are baffled by this bug.

Is there a way to fix Star Wars Jedi: Survivor freezing on Koboh? Will players have to wait for a major patch before progressing through the game? There are some solutions but this shouldn’t have been cleared for release, that’s for sure.

How to fix Star Wars Jedi: Survivor freezing on Koboh issue

Anyone hoping that the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor freezing on Koboh issue is a rare bug will be sorely mistaken, as this has affected plenty of players. Thankfully, this has led to a number of solutions to this issue, though it’s hard to say if these are permanent fixes.

Here’s what players can do to fix this progress-destroying issue, at least for now:

  • Make the game a high priority (via Reddit): This user claims that putting JediSurvivor.exe on high priority in Task Manager will supposedly lead to no crashes. Frame rate drops will continue but that’s better than nothing.
  • Avoid listening to NPC dialogue (via Steam Community): Apparently, avoiding some of the NPCs and speeding through the first bit will help things out. It’s an annoying case as worldbuilding has always been a fun part of Star Wars but that’s the case with a broken release.
  • Closing and reopening the game (from EA Answers): Turning it off and turning it on again is a classic manoeuvre. It won’t fix everything but that might be enough to get through this rough spot.
  • Upgrade your PC: Players should take this with a grain of salt as many high-end computers have failed to play this game properly but this has worked for some players.

Obviously, these aren’t surefire fixes that will remove the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor freezing on Koboh issue. These are just desperate countermeasures to make this game as playable as possible in its current state, which is most unfortunate.

Wait for the patch

Developer Respawn Entertainment has acknowledged that the game is a mess, especially on PC.

So if you haven’t purchased Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on PC and haven’t experienced the freezing on Koboh, you’re better off waiting for some patches. Players who already bought this on PC are going to be disappointed but they know that this is the only way to permanently fix this issue.

Alternatively, they can get a refund and play the game on PS5 or Xbox Series, assuming they have one of these systems. Both console versions also have their own issues but they’re more than playable, at least when compared to this PC version.

Unfortunately, that’s everything that can be done to fix Star Wars Jedi: Survivor freezing on Koboh. For more guides on this game, here’s how to fix the frame rate issues plaguing the PS5 version.

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