James Gunn discusses 'casual' Marvel & DC crossover talks

According to James Gunn, the director behind numerous superhero projects, he has been in ‘casual talks’ over a potential Marvel and DC crossover. 

Both properties are huge in their own right, with Marvel owning the Avengers franchise and DC owning the rights to the likes of Batman and Aquaman. 

Gunn is in a unique position. Currently working on the next Suicide Squad film and having directed numerous Guardians of the Galaxy movies, the director has experience in both the DC and Marvel universe.

Should such a crossover ever exist, it would seem Gunn would be the perfect individual for the role. Which is likely why the director has been talking to the powers that be at both Disney and DC. 

‘Casual Talks’ 

Gunn revealed the talk while responding to a Q&A session on Twitter with fans. In the Tweet, a fan asks Gunn if he thinks there will ever be a crossover. 

Gunn responds: “I’ve casually talked to the powers-that-be at both Marvel & DC about it.” Gunn also goes on to mention that he thinks it’s pretty unlikely, but not impossible.

The director also responded in an additional Tweet stating that he believes fans are too focused on crossovers, stating that: “I find it disconcerting at times that many folks seem more interested in crossovers, cameos, references & post-credit scenes than they do the actual story.”

Suicide Squad 

Gunn recently finished production on the latest entry to the Suicide Squad franchise. Titled ‘The Suicide Squad’, the movie wil act as a standalone sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad. The sequel will feature a return appearance from Margot Robbie, alongside the likes of Idris Elba, John Cena and Peter Capadli.

The director confirmed that nearly all the characters are going to die last month in an interview on Instagram. A few characters will survive the movie, but no one is too sure who yet. 

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