Intel Arc is Intel's next-gen graphics card line to rival Nvidia

Intel's entry into the hardcore PC GPU space will be kicking off in the near future. However, until today, we didn't even know what the company's new GPU line would even be called. Finally, the CPU company has unveiled the name of their upcoming graphics cards: Intel Arc.  

Designed to please high-end PC gamers, Intel Arc GPUs are planned to be in desktop and laptop devices early next year. With that said, will these new graphics cards have the grunt to take on a seemingly invincible Nvidia? Let's find out.

Intel Arc reveal video

Alongside the name reveal, Intel released the first look at its new GPU technology. Released on Twitter, the Arc reveal video shows multiple games running on the company's cards.  Intel is keen to point out that every application was captured on pre-production silicon. This means that performance could change by release.

The Intel Arc reveal video gives us a look at games like Days Gone, Metro Exodus, PUBG and more. However, the video gives us no details into how well these titles are running. There's no performance metrics: no settings, framerate graphs, resolutions, nothing.

Furthermore, while every game in the reveal video is running well, they're not exactly state-of-the-art games. Days Gone, Forza Horizon 4, Metro Exodus and others are now last-gen games. However, Intel does end on a particularly good-looking video.

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The Tech Demo

The Intel Arc reveal video ends on a promise of “more to come”. After showing its selection of released games, something new is shown. Set in an abandoned facility, the video shows a cold, snowy environment that looks far better than the rest of the reveal trailer.

The new GPUs are set to have hardware accelerated mesh shading, variable rate shading, video upscaling, and real-time ray tracing support. At the moment, these features are a must for taking on Nvidia.

If Intel really wants Arc to take off, it needs to be able to show these effects running. Perhaps, we'll see just that with the full reveal of this demo.

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