Insomniac’s Spider-Man game features Morbius, and fans didn’t notice

insomniac spider-man game features morbius and fans didnt notice

insomniac spider-man game features morbius and fans didnt notice

Marvel’s Spider-Man fans are now realizing that Morbius is actually in the game, just not in his vampiric form (yet). It’s a very subtle use of the character as only hardcore fans who’ve read the comics will know that this character was actually a “Marvel Legend.”

Fans like Twitter user @SpikeDaHedgehog are now discovering that Doctor Morgan Michaels is an alias for Doctor Michael Morbius. Plenty of gamers probably thought he was just a supporting character made for the game but they now know that isn’t the case at all.

Doctor Morgan Michaels has a fairly big role near the end of the game. He actually helped Norman Osborn make Devil’s Breath, which was supposed to be a super medicine but ended up being a bio weapon. He later helps Spidey make a cure for Devil’s Breath in order to save New York City.

Based on those events, it’s easy to see why many Marvel’s Spider-Man fans didn’t connect the dots right away. While there might have been a throw away line at him researching bats, his presence mostly served the story and wasn’t just fanservice. Hopefully, we see more of him in the game’s upcoming sequel and maybe even get a tease for his turn to anti-heroism.

Despite mostly being a joke on the internet, Morbius has had a fairly decent run in recent video games. The anti-hero was DLC in both Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and the poorly-selling but still brilliant Marvel’s Midnight Suns. We probably won’t get more of him anytime soon, though an appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could redeem the character.

Then again, the symbiote-filled sequel is already jam-packed with a number of iconic villains. Kraven the Hunter, Venom, The Lizard, and Wraith are already confirmed, with more likely to come. Loose ends from the first game could also appear, like Doctor Octopus and Norman Osborn, the latter of who can easily become Green Goblin.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is coming to PS5 on October 20. Fans can play the first game on PS4, PS5, and PC, though keep in mind that the Remastered version gives players a very weird-looking Peter Parker.

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