How to add video chat to Fortnite using Houseparty in Chapter 2 Season 6

Lockdown has brought many apps to the forefront, such as Zoom, Skype and Houseparty.

Instead of going to a pub with friends, it’s a pub quiz on Houseparty or another communications app instead. It looks like Epic Games have noticed this, as they have announced Houseparty integration into Fortnite.

It’s a novel idea, where you can join friends in a match and see their reactions when something in the match occurs for example.

With that, lets explain what Houseparty is, and if you can take advantage of it in Fortnite now.

What is Houseparty?

Available on iOS, Android or even Google Chrome, the app allows you to join a ‘room’ with invited friends or family, and take part in games that the app proves, or just chat to one another as if you’re meeting up pre-2020.

It’s proven to be a great tool throughout this year, with families and friends having to self-isolate, still being involved in the weekly quizzes or meet-ups, but virtually now.

When in Fortnite, players have either been using the voice-chat within the game, or even using Discord to talk to one another in a room.

With integrated Houseparty now, it looks to be much easier when playing with friends.

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How to set it up in Fortnite

It’s an easy process for Fortnite and Houseparty to join up on your account.

  1. Open up the app on a device of your choosing, go to ‘Settings’.
  1. Join a room with your friends as normal.
  2. Open Fortnite.
  3. Once you’re in a match with friends, Houseparty will detect this, and you’ll now be in a video chat.

You will also be given a Fortnite-background to obscure where you are, but you can switch this off if you wish.

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Available between 20th and 26th November if you play five matches with friends!

You can also obtain the above ‘Rainbow Wrap’ if you play five matches with friends that is coupled with Houseparty. However, if you’re experiencing issues, read through this guide from Epic and you should be able to have the integration working in no time.

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