Hori announce a pair of Pokemon-themed Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pros: First Look, Price, Release Date And Pre-Order Guide

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After recently unveiling the retro-inspired Pac-Man Edition of the popular Switch Split Pad Pro, Hori has revealed a pair of Pokemon-themed pads due for release in time for Christmas. 

Hori is well known in the third-party accessory market for making quality products, and these switch pads have even been given the official Nintendo seal of approval.  

The Hori Switch Split Pad Pro is designed to give a full-size controller experience, perfect for those who find Joy-Cons fiddly and uncomfortable to use. 

The Split Pad Pro has been released in a variety of designs and colours over the last few years, but these two Pokemon offerings have to be the most adorable ones so far.

CLICK HERE TO BUY:Switch Split Pad Pro Pokemon Edition (Black & Gold Pikachu) at Amazon - £49.99

CLICK HERE TO BUY: Switch Split Pad Pro Pokemon Edition (Pikachu and Eevee) at Amazon - £49.99

Here’s all the information you need about these officially licensed Switch accessories…

Switch Split Pad Pro Pokemon Edition features

Offering you larger grips, button, triggers, analogue sticks and a bigger d-pad, this chunky accessory is ideal if you find Joy-Cons too small for your hands during longer play sessions.

Hori hasn’t added Pro to the name for no reason either, the inclusion of assignable rear triggers gives you an extra level of customisation compared to Nintendo’s official controllers.  

The Switch Split Pad Pro has been released in several different designs and colours, but we reckon these Pokemon efforts are among the best versions yet. 

There are two variations to choose from, a pastel Pikachu and Eevee design and a Black & Gold Pikachu version.

pikchu eevee switch pad stealth mid
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black gold pikachu stealth mid
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Switch Split Pad Pro Pokemon Edition price

Both the Pikachu and Eevee and Black & Gold Pikachu versions of the Switch Split Pad Pro will retail for £49.99 in the UK.

If you’re in the US, both versions of the pad will cost $59.99.

Switch Split Pad Pro Pokemon Edition release date

Both Pokemon-themed editions of the Switch Split Pad Pro are scheduled for release in the UK on the 13th November 2020.

If you’re in the US you’re in luck, as both pads are due to launch two weeks earlier on 30th October 2020. 

The release date makes these a great Christmas gift for the Pokemon fan in your life, or perhaps just an early present for yourself - you’ve earnt it, after all.

Switch Split Pad Pro Pokemon Edition pre-order guide

Both the Pikachu and Eevee version and the Black & Gold Pikachu version are available to pre-order right now on Amazon in both the US and the UK. 

You can get the Pikachu and Eevee pad here and click here for the Black & Gold Pikachu one.

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