Gemma Chan discuses playing two roles in the MCU: Eternals and Captain Marvel

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe being as huge as it is, some actors have had numerous roles in the film franchise. From Laura Haddock playing a WW2-era Cap fan and Meredith Quill to Gemma Chan playing Minn-Erva and Sersei, it's an intriguing occurrence.

Multiple MCU roles are more common than you'd think for some actors. However, two-time MCU actress Gemma Chan has spoken out on the Marvel movie phenomenon.

Gemma Chan discuses multiple MCU roles

In an interview with Empire, Chan explained the reasoning behind her second MCU role. For her previous role, the actress was a side character, now she's a main part of an ensemble. This new film will give the actress more of the spotlight in a bold new direction for Marvel.

The actress explained:

“I feel very lucky to have been welcomed back into the MCU so quickly after my first appearance; the reception has been very warm. I feel fortunate because we had a lot of crossover in the crew between the two films so there was continuity in that sense, but these are completely different projects, in completely different times, the characters are different.”

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Eternals is more like “an indie film”

As part of the interview, Gemma Chan explained part of the vision for Marvel's Eternals movie. Directed by Chloé Zhao, the film is described to have more of a direct style than some Marvel films. As such, the movie will have the same “indie" feel as Zhao's previous works despite its big-budget MCU scale.

“We shot it like it was an indie film, almost completely on location using natural light, pretty much all at magic hour. It’s such an epic, ambitious film, with [Zhao] bringing her signature style and sensibility.”

Eternals will release in cinemas on November 5th, 2021.

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