FromSoftware's worst Soulslike is getting an anime adaptation

FromSoftware's worst Soulslike is getting an anime adaptation

FromSoftware's worst Soulslike is getting an anime adaptation

A new report claims that FromSoftware’s worst Soulslike is getting an anime adaptation - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Revealed by anime insider Oecuf, who previously correctly leaked a number of manga-to-anime adaptations, Sekiro will be the first Soulslike game to receive a full anime series.

Just last month, the anime leaker revealed that popular manga Medalist would be receiving an adaptation. Lo and behold, that anime has already been confirmed for release.

Oecuf revealed that the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice anime adaptation will be handled by a Japanese studio instead of being outsourced to cheaper markets. However, there’s no news on where the anime will stream in the west. 

Over the past few years, the Netflix streaming service has been the go-to platform for video game anime adaptations in the West. Series such as Castlevania, Dragon’s Dogma and more have seemingly succeeded on the service, alongside more traditional anime.

Oecuf has also teased an anime adaptation of PlayStation exclusive Ghosts of Tsushima in the past, but nothing has come of it. However, the single-game series is getting a movie adaptation in the near future.

Set in a beautiful Feudal Japan setting, Sekiro is certainly a stunning-looking game from From Software. While it might not be my favourite, it’s still far a brilliant game. It’s no Bloodborne, though, is it? No Armoured Core 4? Metal Wolf Chaos? (It’s better than King’s Field, though, we’ll give you that.)

Shadows Die Twice does make a lot of sense for an anime adaptation. It also helps that Sekiro has the most straightforward storytelling of every modern From Software game.

While it would’ve been awesome to see the oppressive worlds of Dark Souls or the vile Victorian monstrosities of Bloodborne in anime form, a Sekiro adaptation not only makes the most sense, but should provide a brilliant viewing experience for those who just can’t get good. (That’s-a-me.)

Following the massive success of Illumination’s Super Mario Bros. Movie, the industry is hot on video game adaptations. Like the late 90s all over again, movie studios are gearing up to adapt the best, and probably worst, games into movies, TV shows and, of course, anime.

The breakout of HBO’s The Last of Us has also led Hollywood to believe that video game adaptations can be done right. After decades of poor-quality adaptations — looking at you, Paul W.S. Anderson — it’s time for good adaptations to take the limelight.

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