Fortnite: How to move Fortnite to another drive in Chapter 2 Season 6

The latest season of Fortnite - Chapter 2 Season 6 - has kicked off with new skins and more.

Of course, all this new content needs to be downloaded, and this comes in the form of a big new update. If your hard drive can't handle another hit after Call of Duty's latest bumper update, you might want to move Fortnite over to another drive.

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Here's our guide on how to transfer Fortnite to a different drive.

Move Fortnite over to another drive on PC

Unfortunately, Epic does not let you move Fortnite around without uninstalling the game, but there is a workaround that means you don't have to redownload Fortnite once uninstalled.

If you copy the contents of Fortnite found in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite to a temporary backup folder on the drive you want to use, this will prevent you from having to wait for Fortnite to download again.

Once copied over, you can uninstall Fortnite from its original location via the Epic Games Launcher.

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After uninstalling, you'll want to immediately reinstall Fortnite from the Epic Games Launcher from the same account. When prompted to choose the install location, select your desired driver and click install.

The Epic Games Launcher will then start trying to download Fortnite again, but as you already have the files, you can cancel the download and close the Epic Games Launcher.

Instead, move over your backup files to the new Fortnite folder the Epic Games Launcher will have created. Once in place, reopen the Launcher and press resume on the Fortnite installation. It will skip the download and reinstall the game, ready for you to play!

Move Fortnite to another drive on PS4

Moving games over from a console to an external hard drive is a great way to take your game over to a friends house to play without having to wait for it to download.

The process is fairly simple. On a PS4, plug in your external hard drive and set it up. Once this is done, if you go to Storage Settings in your PS4 settings and click on Applications, you'll be able to select Fortnite and select Move to Extended Storage.

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Move Fortnite to another drive on Xbox

Transferring games from the Xbox One to an external hard drive is just as easy as it is on the PS4.

Once you plug in and follow the set-up instructions for your external drive, open the System tab of the Xbox Settings and go to Storage. Once in the Storage settings, you'll want to select your internal drive and choose Transfer. Simply find Fortnite and select Move Selected to your desired external hard drive.

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