How to Fix Call Of Duty: Vanguard Dev Error 5573: Unreadable Game Data

Call of Duty: Vanguard Dev Error 5573 is, for many players, ruining their experience of the flagship FPS from Activision and Sledgehammer Games. But what exactly is this terrible scourge, and what can be done about it? that's the question you are no doubt asking if you have arrived on this page. And it's a question we intend to answer for you. Here's what we know about Vanguard Dev Error 5573.

How to Fix Call Of Duty: Vanguard Dev Error 5573

While the list of known issues that Activision provides on their website isn't especially long, they do list Dev Error 5573 as one of the issues they are aware of and are either investigating or waiting to fix. The workaround they suggest at the moment is to set your Operator's skin to the default.

To add to that, we'd also recommend that you don't equip any new Emblems, or edit the Calling Card. In essence, keep everything vanilla for the time being, and hopefully, you'll be fine until an update resolves the issue permanently. But do we know anything more about dev error 5573?

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What is Dev Error 5573?

Vanguard Dev Error 5573 affects players on all platforms of the game. When it happens, the game crashes and forces Vanguard to shut down. Then, when you reload the game, the Operative whose outfit you were trying to pimp, remains in their regulation outfit. So not only has your game crashed, but your cosmetic wizardry is all for naught.

At the moment, the only definitive workaround is to stick with the default outfit, and leave it until a patch arrives to fix the problem. Interestingly, there are also reports that this crash has been caused in some cases by Tactical Grenades. Specifically, the reports say that if you move before you throw the grenade, then the game will crash. The solution is to throw your grenade before moving. If you seem to be getting this error and grenades are involved, try standing still. But for everyone else, it's probably your uniform. So keep it simple, and keep your eyes peeled for that all-important update.


Sledgehammer Games posted a note on Twitter on November 24th. In their message, they say the following:

Thank you for all the support you've shown our team since Vanguard launched. We've been right there with you, getting demolished by Shotquns on Das Haus, the spawns on Shipment, the Vital + Cal Up combo, Dev Error 5573, and so much more. Your feedback is constantly viewed, discussed and, over time, will continue to make Vanguard bigger and better with each patch.
We will be back in action next week and will hit the ground running, as we head toward the exciting start of Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One.

It's good that they are acknowledging Dev Error 5573, and may suggest that they are working hard to identify a fix. It's very clear that more patches are on the way, and we can hope that a permanent solution to this error will be included soon.

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