Final Fantasy 6 Tactics is the fan-made remake we deserve

final fantasy 6 tactics is the fan-made remake we deserve

final fantasy 6 tactics is the fan-made remake we deserve

Final Fantasy 6 Tactics is the best of both worlds, combing Square’s beloved JRPG with its best spin-off. Made by fans who love both these games, this mod is a simply amazing experience for series veterans.

Shared by YouTube channel Conner and Chelsea Dunn, this mod attempts to retell the sixth entry’s story in the Tactics format. This is pretty perfect as the sixth game was notorious for having many playable characters and it will be easier managing them in a Tactics game.

As fans can see, this is a crazy mod: it has new sprites, new stages and mechanics that make the reskin more than desirable for gamers. While there’s no public release date for Final Fantasy 6 Tactics, you can be sure that this mod will keep fans busy once it’s available.

To be fair to Square Enix, the company has made the sixth game readily available numerous times. Most recently, it was re-released as part of the Pixel Remaster anthology that has the first six games in the series. Originally, it was exclusive to mobile devices and PC, but the collection is now available on PS4 and Switch.

While not as popular as Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy Tactics remains one of the series’ best spin-offs. Rumours persist of a remake or remaster of some kind that will bring FF Tactics and Vagrant Story back into the limelight. Nothing official has come from Square Enix, though there have been a few winks and nods from various interviews.

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Gamers might be more obligated to get official releases but fan-made games like Final Fantasy 6 Tactics are still much appreciated. The fact that this style of gameplay would actually benefit Final Fantasy 6’s story is genius and we’re surprised Square hasn’t come up with it. Hopefully, these fans will get to release this rom into the net soon.

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