Disney abandoned planned Deadpool short film

Ryan Reynolds is currently all over the news thanks to his starring role in the new action comedy Free Guys. According to Ryan, he pitched a short movie that would play before Free Guy in cinemas. Disney ultimately shut the idea down. However, it could have been the first Deadpool-related project since the second movie released in 2018. 

Disney is supposedly working on a Deadpool 3, which Ryan confirmed earlier this year. Fans were worried about the character after Disney took over Marvel. Deadpool’s R-rated comedy feels somewhat out of place in Disney’s library of family-friendly content. Fortunately, Disney executive chairman Bob Iger confirmed earlier this year that Deadpool would remain an R-rated series. He also announced that Ryan Reynolds would continue to play the character.

Deadpool Short 

The short Deadpool movie which Reynolds developed and wrote would have starred the character interviewing a much-hated Disney villain. Speaking with Collider, Reynolds detailed how Deadpool would have interrogated the hunter who killed Bamibi. Often considered one of the most hated Disney villains, he would have interrogated the hunter to find out just how he became so hated. 

Reynolds discussed the short movie during the interview: “I initially asked them to do a...actually I wrote it too, a short film that I wanted to put in front of Free Guy of Deadpool interrogating the hunter who killed Bambi's mom. And, the sort of rug-pull, they said no of course, but the rug-pull of it was that Deadpool really wanted to know the hunter's secrets on being the most loathed Disney character there is.”

Deadpool is one of the few characters who could likely pull off such a fourth-wall breaking scene. The original writers wrote him around the premise of breaking the fourth wall and making self-referential jokes. It’s likely Disney didn’t like the idea of one of its characters, albeit a villain, being involved in what would likely be quite a violent scene. 

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