CoD controller review: Nacon Revolution Unlimited Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Edition For PS5, PS4 and PC

Curiously, Sony has never released an official PlayStation Pro controller to compete with Microsoft’s acclaimed Xbox Elite controller.  

Thankfully, Nacon has done a valiant job picking up the slack, and its popular Revolution Unlimited controller has become the go-to option for PlayStation gamers looking for a premium pad. 

To coincide with the release of the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise, Nacon has released a limited edition Black Ops Cold War version of the Revolution Unlimited controller.

We’ve been fortunate enough to get our hands on one, and have put it through its paces to determine whether this is still the best deluxe PlayStation controller around...

Design - Score 100

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Nacon has really nailed the design of this controller - from the first time you pick it up, it feels premium. 

This limited edition version of the controller comes with a camo-green facelift and decked in CoD-themed decals, though it’s only the faceplate that has been given a makeover - the back of the controller is black plastic. 

Whether you prefer this limited edition over the standard black variant will be a matter of personal taste but we’re big fans, and especially appreciate the extra detailing on the touchpad.  

The layout remains the same as the original Revolution Unlimited, which means the sticks are offset rather than parallels as on a traditional PlayStation controller, and the right one features a very cool LED light-up ring around it. 

The unboxing experience is again a highlight, and you get plenty of extras including a 3m long rugged cable, a cleaning cloth and a carry case, which has been given a camo skin for this edition. 

There is also an included box of weights and sticks which allows you customise the weight of the controller (by placing said weights into the back of the controller) and the thickness of the thumbsticks.

We’ve been big fans of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited for a while now and this Call of Duty edition is the same great controller with a striking design. What’s not to like?

Performance - Score 90

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Connecting the controller to your console or PC is super easy - just plug in the included USB connector and it’ll sync up instantly. 

It’s a little disappointing that you can’t connect it wirelessly without the dongle, but the setup process is so fuss-free that we’re willing to forgive that.  

Playing with the controller feels as good as ever, with the sticks especially feeling great, and going back to a DualShock 4 after a few hours using the Revolution Unlimited feels like a gigantic step-down. 

The switch on the back of the pad allows you to activate the back buttons, which sit where your fingers typically rest when holding a controller. These are super handy in online shooters where the fastest trigger finger can often decide who emerges victorious. 

The controller works virtually flawlessly on the PS4 and PC, and even on the PS3. Unfortunately, on the PS5 it does have a pretty big limitation.  

While the controller is technically useable on Sony’s next-gen system, it can only be used on backwards compatible PS4 games, you cannot use it for native PS5 games. 

This is a hardware decision on Sony’s part, but it does mean that if you’re eyeing up this controller for PS5 sessions on Black Ops Cold War you’re gonna need to stick with the DualSense. 

Price - Score 60

The RRP of the

Nacon Revolution Unlimted

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Edition

is £169.99, which while not unreasonable for the product you’re getting feels steep when you consider the

original model is currently on sale for £109.99

The controller does come bundled with some digital swag for Black Ops Cold War, which is a nice extra touch. 

Perhaps the biggest problem with this controller is the awkward timing of its release. 

We can’t really recommend a purchase for PS5 players as its not compatible with native next-gen titles. And even for PS4 players, spending north of £150 on a controller is a tough sell as the console is entering its twilight years. 

Our Score


  • Feels preminum
  • Setup is a breeze
  • Plenty of customisation options
  • Offset sticks!


  • Limited PS5 compatibility
  • Price is comparatively high

If you’re desperately seeking a PlayStation Pro controller there really isn’t a better pick that the Nacon Revolution Unlimited and this Call of Duty edition packs the same powerful punch as its predecessor.

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