Classic Pokémon games come to SNES with new working cartridges

classic pokemon games come to snes
Credit: Spaceghost1993/The Pokémon Company

classic pokemon games come to snes
Credit: Spaceghost1993/The Pokémon Company

Fans still love the classic Pokémon games and are always looking for ways to replay them. Thanks to this fan, old-school gamers can now play these classic Game Boy titles on an SNES cartridge.

Posting on the series’ subreddit, a user going by Spaceghost1993 showed off working SNES cartridges of these classic monster-catching RPGs. Based on the pictures shown, the user was able to engineer playable copies of Yellow, Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver.

If all of that wasn’t impressive enough, these SNES versions will also allow trading between two games. Granted, players will need Super Game Boy link cables and working SNES consoles to make this work but it’s still neat. Fans can check out how the user was able to make these cartridges in this video.

Obviously, this isn’t the most optimal way to play classic Pokémon games but there’s no denying that it’s still impressive. While playing the newer games on a TV isn’t impressive anymore, seeing these Game Boy titles blown up is interesting.

Most gamers are hoping that we eventually get these classic Game Boy RPGs on the Nintendo Switch. There’s hope that the next Pokémon Presents will finally announce these classic titles for Switch but that seems unlikely. Based on previous shows, we’re probably going to get news on Scarlet and Violet DLC alongside mobile game updates.

Prior to the eShop closure, the only way fans could legally play these classic games was through the 3DS. These versions were great as players could transfer their critters to Pokémon Bank, which connects to the paid tier of Pokémon HOME. Unfortunately, the 3DS eShop is now closed and fans can only get these versions through not-so-legal means.

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Hopefully, Nintendo comes to its senses and brings in classic Pokémon games for the Switch soon. Until then, fans have the newer Scarlet and Violet games to play on the console/handheld hybrid.

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