CivIdle takes the stress out of Civ 6, and all of the graphics

cividle takes the stress and graphics out of civilization 6
Credit: Fish Pond Studio

cividle takes the stress and graphics out of civilization 6
Credit: Fish Pond Studio

Civilization 6 is a great RTS game but it's also a stressful one, as players have to make sure their armies and ppl are happy. Fish Pond Studio has decided to make a game like the Civ series less stressful with CivIdle, removing the stress and graphics for a simple hexagon grid.

Spotlighted by PCGamesN, CivIdle takes all of the RTS elements from the Civ series and turns it into a 4X game where the goal is to survive. Rather than focus on wars, all players have to do is make sure that their civilization exists and thrives through the years. While the Civ games do that as well, adding big army fights to that makes things stressful, hence, this more relaxing title.

Gameplay-wise, players will manage their resources and transfers through an intentionally old-school UI. Fans who grew up in the ‘90s will instantly recognize the various taskbars, as it intentionally looks like something from Windows 98, albeit, more streamlined and easier to use.

Here is the game’s official description on Steam:

“CivIdle is an idle/incremental game that allows you to lead your own civilization through thousands of years from ancient times to the modern era. Expand your territory, explore a vast tech tree, build various wonders, and trade with global players: empire must grow and numbers must go up!”

PC players will get the chance to try CivIdle out during Steam’s Next Fest as one of the various demos that will be available for play. If everything turns out great, Fish Pond Studio will be able to release the game early this year. With cozy games now dominating the landscape, this could be one of them.

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CivIdle is currently slated for a Q1 2024 release on PC, though fans can try the demo out now as part of the aforementioned Next Fest. When the game officially comes out it will be a free-to-play title with optional paid DLC.

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