Captain America and Moon Knight will team up in this MCU project

Marvel’s TV output is leading towards appearances in the mainline MCU movies. For example, Ms Marvel will be a main character in the Marvels and Sam Wilson’s Captain America will be taking centre stage in his own film.

However, the existence of these TV shows allows marvel to set up more of its famous cameos ahead of the films. As it turns out, that’s already happened with the existence of the Moon Knight TV show.

Captain America meets Moon Knight

Prior to the release of Moon Knight, multiple leaks claimed that Captain America would show up in the show. However, that never happened, but that crossover is reportedly still planned.

Renowned Marvel leaker Great Phase implied that the two characters are meeting up sometime soon. While the leaker didn’t exactly spell the scenario out, they did claim that the two will crossover very soon.

The upcoming storyline will reportedly see Moon Knight and Sam Wilson team up to fight The Serpent Society. In the comics, the Serpent Society are a reptilian force of supervillains that often fight both heroes in the comics.

Unfortunately, that’s all the details that have been given about the movie. While the interaction could happen in Moon Knight Season 2, it’s expected to be a small part of the upcoming Captain America: New World Order.

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Is Cap going to Britain?

With the news that the hero of Stars and Stripes is going to team up with Moon Knight, many are wondering if the shielded hero is headed to Britain. Of course, that could absolutely be the case, but not necessarily.

After all, The Serpent Society and Moon Knight are not limited to the United Kingdom. Moon Knight is an international mercenary, and so is Cap for the most part.

While it would fun to see Cap fight in the UK, the character is tied to American struggles. However, for an introduction fight, maybe with a surprise appearance from Captain Britain, it would be very cool.

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